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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Big day for the jihad 'warriors'

At least 57 dead at three Amman, Jordan hotels
AMMAN, Jordan - Suicide bombers carried out nearly simultaneous attacks on three U.S.-based hotels in the Jordanian capital Wednesday night, killing at least 57 people and wounding 115 in what appeared to be an al-Qaida assault on an Arab kingdom with close ties to the United States.

Some higher-ups in the PA terrorist leadership were among the victims.

At least 33 Iraqi diners slaughtered
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Two suicide bombers detonated themselves near a restaurant frequented by Baghdad police Thursday morning, killing at least 33 people and injuring 19, police said.

The blast echoed through central Baghdad at about 9:45 a.m., when police officers frequently stop by for breakfast. Police Maj. Abdel-Hussein Minsef said two bombers attacked the restaurant, killing seven police officers and 26 civilians.

Samiya Mohammed, a housewife who lives nearby, said she rushed outside when she heard the explosion.

"I went out to see the restaurant heavily damaged. There was bodies, mostly civilians, and blood everywhere inside the place. This is a criminal act that only targeted and hurt innocent people having their breakfast," she said.

There were no Americans in the area, she said.

"I do not understand why most of the time it is the Iraqis who are killed," she said.

Combine these with the brave jihadi attacks on French nursery schools, supermarkets, transportation, and critical infrastructure.

What a couple days for the Religion of Peace.

Their idea of a hard target is attacking a police car with an RPG, from behind, under cover.

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