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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

France burning, a new reality which isn't newsworthy?

We've been watching weeks of car, stadium, school, house, nursing home, and supermarket burnings. Due to the lack of coverage in the mainstream media you might assume France is peaceful. Not exactly. The new baseline is 150+ cars torched per night and a church burning. Perhaps someone with mathematical abilities could extrapolate this baseline out for a couple years and predict the future of the secular French Republic.

No Pasaran (main page):

The State of Emergency is prolonged for 3 months. Last night, 160 vehicles were torched, 40 arrests were made, and a church was partially destroyed by fire in Romans (Drome). The French are settling into a comfort zone of 150+ cars burned per night just to be able to say that this thing is over.

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Rancher said...

Maybe I should invest in Peugeot.