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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Spencer, Ye'or, Bostom, Warraq, Sina, Fallaci (and others) need to be heard

I posted part of this at LGF. Don't worry, it's not scary deja vu.
I'm concerned about the lack of any criticism of the theology of Islam in the public sphere. Even if you weren't raised Jewish or Christian there's a good chance you know basic scripture. Jews and Christians are accustomed to their belief systems and holy texts falling under intense scrutiny, and publicly.

On the other hand, Muslim theology is being intentionally ignored (at almost every level) or changed (by groups like CAIR) for American consumption. CAIR's Koran sounds like it's the settle-down-dhimmi version.

The same pattern seems to repeat if there isn't overt warfare. Muslims move in, settle down, seem to get along. A couple generations later they start taking the Koran seriously again, especially later suras like Nine, and protective service stock looks like the only good investment.

If you can't criticize Islam in the Netherlands, try to imagine what living in Saudi Arabia must be like.

In other words, 'point' writers like Bat Ye'or, Robert Spencer, Ibn Warraq, and Bostom should be required reading, and discussed in the public, before we all have to live in bunkers and drive armored vehicles.

If it's going to come to a head inevitably, better it happen before the population of true believers gets any larger.

Islam must be civilized, or civilization must be Islamicized. I'll take the former.

Importantly, the 'MESA Nostra' (Hugh Fitzgerald) must stop deflecting and obfuscating for Islam. Let the debates begin, before we all need personal bodyguards.

There are hundreds of brilliant texts written on Islam in the past which are out-of-print or discarded due to 'harsh' langugage ("hate speech" is a fantastic term for ending debate on certain subjects). It's time to dust them off and read them again.

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tammy said...

Islam will spread at the speed of globalization now, not the speed of a caravan of camels.
Technology is in place for explosive Islamic growth opportunities. Welcome to the 21st century.