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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Heaven is Reno, Nevada with Paris Hilton's American Express Card

(MEMRI) If you tried, could you make up a more conflicted set of beliefs about sex than exists in Islam? The Shakers look like experts in quantum mechanics compared to this crap.
In a November 15, 2005 article in the Saudi daily Al-Iqtisadiyya, Sa'ad Al-Sowayan, a reformist Saudi researcher and columnist argued that religious cassettes, which are widely available in Saudi Arabia, advocate Jihad by emphasizing the sexual reward awaiting the martyr in Paradise. This is aimed at tempting teenagers who can find no sexual release in conservative Arab society. An English translation of the article was published in the Saudi Gazette on November 17.

Religious Cassettes Promoting Jihad

"So ubiquitous are the religious cassette shops that they are outnumbered only by groceries… The bulk of cassettes sold in these stalls are motivational. On closer scrutiny, you will realize that their contents are confined to a system of thought that serves to prepare youth to accept its ideas, yield to them, and adopt its Jihad program.

"These cassettes mostly urge people to carry out Jihad through taking up arms, without specifying the zero hour or the Jihad battlefield. As such they advocate Jihad for Jihad's sake. It's a mobilization campaign in which Jihad becomes a state of mind, a mode of living. They want you to give up this foul and mean earthly life, renounce worldly pleasures, devote your life to Jihad, and seek to die in the Jihad battlefield so as to win martyrdom."

Spiritual Martyrdom is Reduced to Jihad for Lust

"The basic Islamic issue - carrying out Da'wa (Islamic propagation), calling people to Allah, spreading monotheism (Tawheed), security and Islam, establishing justice, and treating people on equal terms - is reduced to a marginal matter in comparison to the pleasures in the Hereafter that the martyr can win, pleasures that supersede worldly pleasures and must be given up.

"The modern martyr has thus reduced spiritual martyrdom [for the sake of Allah] to a Jihad for lust, for the utmost pleasure and intoxication a Nirvana state of mind.


"The sweetest thing for a teenager, especially in a conservative society like ours, is sex, and the discourse of the religious cassettes is directed toward these very youngsters in their sexual peak of life. They access these youth through the Hoor Al-Een, just as how the youth of our time were drawn to slide pictures of actresses and female singers. So should we not consider sexual suppression in conservative societies as one of the factors leading to such deviation?…"

You can marry four women, but can't see an ad for underwear on a billboard. You can blow up crowds of civilians, but don't singe a Koran. You will get 72 virgins in heaven, but slice the clitoris off your wife.

Inbreeding must be a huge factor in all this. Marrying first cousins for generations may not be the best way to build a healthy society.

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Anonymous said...

I previously mentioned this on LGF. Since muslims can have four wives, their society provides for fewer women for the less affluent. Then, rootless, thes young men swing to jehad for release. This is similar to the Roman Republic. In those days there was a law called Primogeniture. This provided that the eldest son inherited all the fathers posessions. When the old man dies, his prime heir generally kicks the other siblings off the property. The result was excess men needing land and slaves, and wanting booty. Thus in the days of the Roman Republic, the Romans went to war every year for more than two hundred years, with the exception of five years. History/human nature repeats.