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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Jews gone wild! Christians threatening again!

Politics and / of Religion is my gig. This is something I didn't see coming.

Abe Foxman of the ADL.
Foxman went on to explain that the ominous agenda of the Christianizers includes working to confirm conservative judicial nominees, restricting abortion and stopping gay marriage.

“They intend to Christianize all aspects of American life, from the halls of government to the libraries, to the movies, to recording studios, to the playing fields and locker rooms of professional, collegiate and amateur sports; from the military to SpongeBob SquarePants,” the ADL chief warned. Is Sponge Pants Jewish? Has he been slated for forced baptism?

Perhaps Foxman could turn his conspiracy theory into a documentary for cable television – “Christians Gone Wild.”

Reform Rabbi Yoffie joins the fray.

By KRISTEN HAYS, Associated Press Writer
1 hour, 55 minutes ago

HOUSTON - The leader of the largest branch of American Judaism blasted conservative religious activists in a speech Saturday, calling them "zealots" who claim a "monopoly on God" while promoting anti-gay policies akin to Adolf Hitler's.

Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the liberal Union for Reform Judaism, said "religious right" leaders believe "unless you attend my church, accept my God and study my sacred text you cannot be a moral person."

"What could be more bigoted than to claim that you have a monopoly on God?" he said during the movement's national assembly in Houston, which runs through Sunday.

The audience of 5,000 responded to the speech with enthusiastic applause.

Yoffie did not mention evangelical Christians directly, using the term "religious right" instead. In a separate interview, he said the phrase encompassed conservative activists of all faiths, including within the Jewish community.

He used particularly strong language to condemn conservative attitudes toward homosexuals. He said he understood that traditionalists have concluded gay marriage violates Scripture, but he said that did not justify denying legal protections to same-sex partners and their children.

"We cannot forget that when Hitler came to power in 1933, one of the first things that he did was ban gay organizations," Yoffie said. "Yes, we can disagree about gay marriage. But there is no excuse for hateful rhetoric that fuels the hellfires of anti-gay bigotry."

There are some people who will be thrilled by this war (and it's ugly) of words. I'm not one of them. This is a classic case of I report, you decypher.

The giant elephant in the room crapping on the floor is doing a happy dance.


P. Aaron said...

Weren't the "christian right" churches just recently encouraging their flocks to vacation and or visit Israel to help their economy? I understand that there were alterior motives behind this (the book of relevation) but still, the "righties whom also praise Christ" need Israel.

P. Aaron said...

I mean "revealations...sorry.

Chip said...

Indeed, p. aaron. To me it seems like a fight between two allies. Whatever the Book of Revelations says (IMO, in part relates to Roman Empire) the Jews seem to be picking a fight which is strategically stupid.

Moreover, the rhetorical level went from nothing to DefCon One. Whasap with that?