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Friday, November 04, 2005

Example China: You really want hospitals run like the DMV or child protective services?

When national health care evolves

Hospitals where the 'illness' is revolt [Telegraph UK]
(Filed: 04/11/2005)

• China has 25 Ankang hospitals. It intends to set up one for every city of more than a million people - 70 in all.

• Ankang means "Peace and health".

• 3,000 people have been "treated" at Ankang hospitals because of their political or religious activities or excessive demands for their legal rights since the early 1980s.

• Ankang doctors and nurses are employees of the Public Security Bureau, the police.

Crimes for which you can be committed include shouting political slogans, writing reactionary banners and letters, making anti-government speeches in public, expressing opinions on important domestic and international affairs and disrupting the normal work of party and government offices.

"Creating a socialist utopia on Earth would be simple if we could just make those annoying complainers using the fancy words Shut Up!"

In other news, Democrats in the U.S. Congress continue to argue for restricting free political speech on the Internet. Power Line has the story.

Now imagine the government was trying to restrict the rights of the New York Times.

Think you might have heard of this legislation?

What an admission by the Left: "We can't win debates in the sphere of ideas. So the only logical thing to do is silence the opposition."

Is there any wonder why every socialist model eventually turns to vicious repression of dissent? From hospitals to keyboards, they know what's best for you. Now Shut Up!

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