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Friday, November 04, 2005

FAAUA makes significant territorial gains on French Colonial Army

Washington Times Article

Back to the BSM for coverage...

The French African Asian Ute Alliance has made significant progress in recapturing the holy city of Paris from its French colonial occupiers. The French - also taking a leading role in the subsequent brutal Crusades - stole the holy land of France from its rightful Frankistanian conquerors when the right-wing attorney and part-time blogger Charles Martel took orders from a secret Vatical cabal and was instructed to "keep the unholy brown people from spreading that religion of love and tolerance everywhere." "I must get back to my polytheism and buggery," the pope (news-websites-lawsuits) added.

The spiritual leader of the FAAUA, Mohammed Takfir Taqiyya al-Shahad, has stated clearly on many occasions that the French simply cannot run electricity through wires without insulting and humiliating the original Frankastanian inhabitants. Imam al-Shahad still holds a key from his ancestors which he claims could open a brothel door in Paris. "That is forbidden," Mohammed added. Unlike the many French inhabitants of Paris, Mohammed is a devout Muslim (news-websites-dhimmitude) who prays five times a day. Nor does he have sex with prostitutes.

A family portrait
Mohammed Takfir Taqiyya al-Shahad was born a poor sixth son to a fourth wife, a forgotten son by the other royal sheikh princes he called his peers. Educated at Oxford, he spent three long years in the United States acquiring a graduate degree in political science from Harvard, where he faced brutal Islamophobia and bigotry. He returned to England where he specializes in Anglo-Islamic affairs, publishes, teaches, and lectures. He works part-time as a government diversity consultant.

"It is not just the insulting and humiliating electrical current," Mohammed thoughfully added, looking soulfully at us with his big brown eyes. "That is minor compared to the job discrimination, alienation, public housing, welfare benefit issues, lack of proper Islamic education at school, insufficient funding for mosques and Islamic centers...

...the constant humiliation of billboards which show scantily-clad kaffir whores asking to be raped, ice cream cones which insult the Prophet (PBUH), Zionists! Have I mentioned the Zionists?!"

Embedded with the French Colonial Army [Salem al-Khalifa]

Things look grim as one neighborhood after another fall to the FAAUA. There is very little the FCA can do without the support of the French majority which still occupies France. "We shoot the bullets of roobeer, but zey juuust bounce off dem!" a dejected Sgt. Jean LaFleur noted.

"We use the weapons of mass destruction, but they only cry!"

There you have it. The chemical weapons which could not be found in Iraq are being employed on the poor Muslim Frankistanians who only want to reclaim the land the neo-con Charles Martel stole from them.

With the insurgency changing and adapting with each passing day, morale of the French troops at a new low, and international pressure mounting on the French to pull their occupation force out of France, the chance of Paris surviving this seige could be in doubt. This reminds some of Dien Bien Phu when the French were routed by a similar indigenous ute movement.

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